ILAHUI is a leisure lifestyle brand. With 1,500+ stores worldwide, ILAHUI has become a leader in providing stylish products for price conscious shoppers. Founded by the famous underwear chain brand, DOSIFA, ILAHUI follows the business philosophy of “serving the public and making more people enjoy a happy life”. The founding team at ILAHUI is determined to reach more shoppers across the globe so that more people can enjoy a simple and happy shopping experience.


ILAHUI draws inspiration from the enthusiasm of the present young people. We are inspired by their life-loving outlook and their positive attitude towards freedom. This is showcased by the fashionable and intelligent design of our lifestyle products. The ILAHUI brand integrates fresh and natural design elements to create the trendiest items of the season, made for sophisticated shoppers who are looking for quality products at great prices.


ILAHUI adheres to the unique style of “free, natural, fresh and well designed ” and to the brand essence is “simplicity, quality, design”. As a fast fashion chain with a growing global presence, ILAHUI offers stylish lifestyle products that follow international fashion trends. Our designs emphasize metaphors, symbols, culture, and history.


ILAHUI  since mars 2019 become part of our dear home kingdom of bahrain and we are so proud and happy been a part of  inspiration  for unique style and And  contribution to more positivity and interest in having something that achieves happiness for all and independence by living in a distinctive and unique shape, and of course, with love for everyone, we all wants to live an enjoyable shopping experience and this is what ILAHUI products provided us And we’d love to give you that.